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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tea Party is For Everyone; Regular Protests Begin

Readers of the Watchman,

This is my first post on Mr. Swaim’s blog, so let me introduce myself.

My name is Jeremy. I am a resident of Columbus, Indiana, and a member of the We The
People Indiana, a Tea Party group. I have lived in Columbus for about 10 years, and am
sick and tired of corruptocrats (of either party) in all levels of Government.

Phil has asked me to contribute to the Watchman as a guest writer from time to time.

Today, Phil, myself, and my mother held what I hope to become a bi-weekly or monthly
event of “Tea Party Protesting” sign waving/protesting @ the Bartholomew County

Not so many protestors our first event, only we three, however we are hoping to grow as
word spreads that this will be a bi-weekly (or monthly event).

The thing that I think really kept (or keeps) me coming back to is the thumbs-up, and
horn honks in support that we receive while protesting! I think Americans “Get it” and
are sick and tired of the way our politicians have been selling out America for decades.

We intend to keep this up until we get real change back to our Founding Principles.

I hope to see you @ the next protest.

THE SECOND event that (only Phil and I) attended today was a Summertime Festival
in North Vernon, Indiana. We had heard that incumbent Congressman Baron Hill (IN-
09) would be in attendance to meet & greet the people (lie to them) and to “kiss babies”.

He showed up around 1:00PM, but before he came, we had a few good interviews with
volunteers from both the Republican and Democratic parties @ the summer festival.

I met up with a few grass-roots Tea Party members from Jennings County (We the
People Jennings Co), there were about 10-12 members in all (including a very adorable
little girl), and when The Congressman arrived, we followed him down the street with
Tea Party Signs like “Taxed Enough Already”, The Gadsden Flag, The American Flag,
and “Defeat Pelosi, Hill, Obama” signs. It was great, we were cheered on observers
honking and waving. Congressman Hill only got one block down the street when he
retreated from his constituents (apparently too afraid to talk to them) and got back in his
car and left to go somewhere else.

I think the thing that left the biggest impression on me was not this protest though, but a
woman by the name of Mary Hendricks ,a registered Democrat, working at the Democrat booth, and also running for Jennings Co. Recorder in November.

She stated that she actually kind of sympathized with the Tea Parties, and was sick and

tired of the spending as well! Democrats as well as Independents and Republicans are
sick of the out of control spending and big-government nanny state programs as well.
I cannot stress enough: It is not about Parties, it is about Principle! We both told her
that if she feels that way “get involved” we would be glad to have her support. I do not
consider the Tea Party an exclusive tool against or for any party, I consider it average
Americans basically saying: ENOUGH, We want our country back from the Elites in
both parties.

Give me liberty,

-Jeremy Sallee

Thank you, Jeremy! It is always a pleasure to meet up with you at various events. It is going to be and even bigger pleasure having you as a guest writer!

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